Welcome Juneau Grad

Solomon Juneau HS


Welcome to the Juneau information and registration site. Class members of '77 AND '76 are welcome to register, though informaiton will be posted only for class of '77. To get details on class of '76 (and more information on Juneau than you ever thought possible), visit Donovan Koeberl's amazing Juneau Site.

Many thanks to Donovan for his wonderful resources, including many photos on this site.

Use this site to stay informed about reunions and to keep everyone informed about your comings and goings.

30th reunion updates and FAQ are available here.

Of course, we need your help to locate class members. Check out the list of CLASSMATES who have already registered. If you know anyone on the list who has not yet registered, PLEASE encourage him or her to visit this site and sign up. Those we need to contact are listed HERE.

We will pass along reunion information and updates to registered class members via email, plus there is a message board where you can participate in on-line conversations at your convenience.